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As more time and research is put into improving LED lighting for residential and larger commercial lighting projects, a new two-dimensional LED disk has been invented and it is expected to surpass the abilities of current LEDs.

The 2D Lite LED disk, developed by inventor Andy Turudic, could offer 50 percent more in energy savings than current LED bulbs. Its unique design allows the device to create omnidirectional lighting to increase brightness while further reducing energy consumption. Additionally, it will be affordably priced for less than a movie ticket. Commercial properties that are spending millions of dollars per year on lighting could significantly reduce their LED lighting system costs when the disk hits the market.

As stated by an article from the U.S. Department of Energy, current LEDs already reduce energy consumption by 80 percent. Turudic’s LED disk will match that percentage, but the omnidirectional light produced by the disk allows it to mirror incandescent lights better than current LEDs that can only direct light in a single direction.

Although the 2D Lite LED disk is not expected to be available for sale for a few more years, its creation is indicative of  the trend of research to create the best LED lights.