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T8 bulbs are more energy-efficient replacements for T12 lamps.

They have service times between 20,000 and 50,000 hours to reduce maintenance and bulb-replacement costs. Affordable products such as Alto II T8 fluorescent lamps from Philips Lighting last 67 percent longer than industry standard T8 bulbs.

They also have top-notch color rendering with color temperature options ranging from 2700 to 7500 Kelvin to fit any space or task.

T8 lighting contains less mercury than T12 lamps, which means they are more eco-friendly than their predecessor. There are even LED T8 lamps that do not contain any mercury, making them a safe and environmentally sound choice for any business.

Energy-efficient T8 bulbs are available from Espen, GE Lighting and Philips for any commercial property’s lighting needs. All T8 products from these manufacturers offer high lumens-per-watt to give the right amount of light for the best price around.