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Soraa has carved a niche for itself as the global market leader for gallium nitride on gallium nitride LED lighting systems, and it has further propelled itself forward with a never-before-seen innovation in the field of efficient lighting solutions.

Recently, the lighting manufacturer announced that it has created the first high color rendering, line voltage GU10 230-volt LED lamps. These versatile lamps – available with many options for beam spread, lumen output and color temperatures – are dimmable and also offer high white rendering.

In addition to breaking into a new area for the low voltage LED lighting industry, Soraa’s new product also comes in a 10-degree spot lighting variation, an option that was previously unavailable from any halogen or LED manufacturers.

“Soraa’s no compromise, full visible spectrum, high color rendering LED lamps are simply the best on the market today,” said Soraa CEO Jeff Parker. “Our products excel in the key elements that define quality of light: light output, color rendering, white rendering and beam definition.”

Parker went on to say that as a result Soraa’s hard work in the area of research and development for the field of commercial LED lighting, it has produced products that lead the industry for color and white rendering, lumen output, energy efficiency, full dimability, lamp life and beam uniformity.

A device ahead of the times
Soraa’s new product boasts impressive specifications. The lamp offers a color rendering index of 95 as well as an R9 of more than 90. Furthermore, the Vivid 2 LED GU10 lamps provide high-end rendering of red and cyan without artificial spectral “blue-peak,” and they more accurately mimic natural light by including the violet wavelength of the visible spectrum to give whites the appropriate tint and brightness.

Additionally, Soraa’s lamps feature light intensity that is unmatched by LEDs composed with lower quality foreign substrates to emit 10 times more light per unit area. The result is an exceptional beam and single sharp shadow for improved texturing and contrast.

Improving the customer experiencing
Soraa’s new commercial lighting devices are built around the users. They have beam angle options of 10, 25, 36 and 60 degrees as well as color temperature options of 2700K, 3000K, 4000K and 5000K. They can be used with various dimming controls, providing more flexibility for existing lighting systems.