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The Ultra 25 LED lamps from Osram Sylvania offer energy savings and other features to suit the desired ambience of any indoor commercial lighting setting within the hospitality field.

In particular, the Ultra B13 LED lamp has the accolades to retire the old incandescent bulbs of any lighting system. They include a 2700K color temperature and they are dimmable down to 10 percent. Along with a 25,000 hour service time, the dimming capabilities and low energy consumption of the B13 lamps result in 86 percent energy savings overall.

The color temperature allows for a change to indoor LED lighting without altering the established mood of a restaurant, bar or hotel. Osram Sylvania’s Ultra B13 mirrors the color temperature of incandescent bulbs. However, they provide the same atmosphere that customers expect while reducing energy costs.

Lower energy requirements of LED lighting systems also mean less heat expenditure than traditional incandescent or halogen lamps. Guests can enjoy a round of poker at the casino without sweating at the table because of the excessive heat produced by the lighting, and business owners can save on climate control costs because they won’t have to worry about their lighting system affecting the ambient temperature.

More commercial property owners are making the switch to sustainable lighting
Commercial LED lighting is on the rise because it offers significant savings on electricity costs and it is an environmentally friendly lighting solution when compared to other options.

Electronics Weekly reports that 25 to 40 percent of a commercial building’s energy usage is attributed to lighting. In settings where lighting is constant, such as an apartment complex or manufacturing warehouse, energy usage is at the higher end of that range. Although these buildings are in constant operation, full illumination is not always necessary throughout an entire structure.

Devices such as dimmers and occupancy sensors add to the energy saving abilities of LED commercial lighting fixtures. Further reduction in energy usage leads to additional service time, which turns into more economic savings.

The city of Renton, Wash. switched to LED street lights and inspired their local businesses to give green lighting solutions a try. A local hair salon saw $100 in savings within a short time by replacing both the indoor and outdoor bulbs with LED lights. Financial returns on installation come quickly and consistently, and the savings are guaranteed for years.