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One of the most vexing problems with light bulbs has always been their fragility. From installing a single bulb in one's kitchen to a huge array of lighting in an industrial space, bulb shattering is a primary concern. But with its new LED Rough Service Bulb, Philips has taken a huge step in mitigating that issue. Along with offering energy savings solutions, the Rough Service Bulb indoor LED lighting utilizes shatter-resistant technology that makes it an excellent option for use in shops, garages and other work areas, .

Automotive shops to see huge benefit
One of the ideal locations for the shatter-resistant bulbs is in auto body shops. Requiring only 10.5 watts of power, while creating white light at a 3,000K temperature and 800 lumens, yet remaining cool to the touch, the Rough Service Bulb can illuminate a rugged work space for its entire 18-plus year expected lifetime.

Its advanced, mercury-free LED technology means it is much more energy efficient than traditional halogen and fluorescent lamps, and with an "instant on" feature, the past trappings of having to wait for an LED light bulb to fully illuminate have been eliminated. And, using nearly 50 fewer watts to produce approximately 200 more lumens than a typical incandescent bulb, the Rough Service Bulb provides huge savings on energy and money in both the short and long term.

Now, mechanics and professionals in other harsh work environments have a new, much improved option beyond what they've been forced to use throughout the years. Perfect for demanding in-shop applications, the bulb can be used in most applicable commercial lighting fixtures, including service lamps, inspection lamps and even automatic garage door lights. The shatter-resistant technology means that its installation in fixtures throughout high pressure, heavy-use environments can alleviate a major cause of workplace accidents, and relieve workers' minds so they can focus on the task at hand.

According to Dennis Samfilippo, general manager of Philips Lighting Business Group Automotive, North America, "The new Philips Rough Service Bulb is the latest edition to our growing portfolio of LED technology for mobile and work lighting. It compliments the innovative line of high performance LED work lamps we launched this past year and delivers the same high level of quality, light output and reliability."

With this bulb, Philips has taken yet another step in using LED technology to solve problems that traditional bulbs never could. Offering cost and energy savings, along with the benefit of being part of providing a safer work environment, the Rough Service Bulb is a big improvement toward illuminating harsh work environments in a cleaner, cheaper, safer manner.