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A new report from the U.S. Department of Energy has shown that low voltage LED lighting continues to best halogen light sources.

The DOE published two reports focused on the performance of PAR38 LED lamps, which are commonly used for spotlight applications, in comparison to halogen PAR lamps. These new reports were an addendum to the CALiPER Application Summary Report that was published in 2012. After rigorous testing of the LED devices – 38 total including the Acculamp from Acuity Brands – it was concluded that the lamps had better energy efficiency than their halogen counterparts while maintaining high levels of efficacy.

“All of the LED PAR38 lamps tested offer substantial energy savings compared to halogen PAR38 lamps, and some are more efficacious than compact fluorescent or ceramic metal halide versions,” the report stated.

As a result of those energy savings, the DOE stated PAR38 LED lighting systems are “a viable option” for most applications that require PAR38 lighting. Additionally, these energy efficient lamps will become a more affordable replacement option as prices go down and efficacy improves.