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Both Soraa and Wattstopper have introduced new lighting products to improve energy maintenance. These cutting-edge manufacturers produce high-quality devices that can create higher quality lighting while lowering electrical costs.

Soraa to light up EuroShop
At the 2014 EuroShop event, Soraa will unveil its new AR111 lamp. As the first-ever full-visible-spectrum LED AR111, the lamps boast exceptional light quality and the manufacturer’s trademarked gallium nitride on gallium nitride technology. This lighting solution, which has been optimized for retail settings, excels in beam uniformity and intensity as well as white and color rendering.

The lamp is scheduled to be available in June, and will have a luminous intensity of 27,500 candela in addition to 980 lumens. With these specifications, the AR111 LED lighting systems will have coloring rendering index options of 90 and 95. There will also be an 80-CRI option with luminous intensity of 34,000 Cd.

“Soraa’s lamp is a game-changer in the LED AR111 landscape,” said Nick Farraway, international senior vice president of Soraa. “With it, we bring to the market an energy-efficient AR111 lamp of exceptionally high intensity and quality of light. This year, we will expand our portfolio beyond our award-winning MR16 GU5.3 and GU10 lamps to create a full line of four inch lamps powered by our GaN on GaN LED technology.”

Advanced control from Wattstopper
Wattstopper occupancy sensor devices are widely known as some of the top lighting control products on the market. The manufacturer has expanded its industry-leading portfolio with a new product line.

The radio frequency products were crafted for simple, code-compliant installation. Each system in the new line includes an infrared sensor with 360 degree coverage that is powered by energy-harvesting photovoltaic panels. These sensors can be used in conjunction with single or dual relay 120/277 volt RF wall switches. Additionally, users can pair the sensors with wall-mounted or self-powered handheld remotes.

These occupancy sensors were created for ease. In addition to their low-maintenance installation, they do not require low voltage wiring or a power pack. As a result, they are the perfect fit for spaces with hard ceilings, historic buildings and buildings with asbestos in the plenum.

Wattstopper’s new products can even be mounted on non-traditional surfaces such as glass due to a number of mounting options, including magnetic and adhesive surface-mounting solutions.