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The Housing Authority of the County of San Bernardino (HACSB) provides affordable, decent, safe and sanitary public housing to low- and moderate-income families, including elderly and disabled persons. HACSB implemented an energy performance contract under the HUD public housing program where HUD subsidizes HACSB’s operating costs, including utility bills for low-income tenants, at existing levels of energy consumption. The agency then installs energy-saving measures to reduce energy costs and uses the savings to repay the debt incurred to install the improvements.

Lighting upgrades were on HACSB’s list of energy improvements, so the agency contacted Monterey Lighting based on the company’s expertise in providing lighting solutions for multi-family properties through local utility programs. Working closely with maintenance crews at HACSB, Monterey Lighting upgraded lighting in 781 residential units scattered throughout cities in San Bernardino County, including Barstow, Chino, Colton, San Bernardino, and Redlands. Over four months, Monterey professionals replaced T12 lamps in unit kitchens with magnetic ballast, low-energy T8 lamps. Replacing 100 watt incandescent lighting fixtures in other rooms throughout the units not only eliminated outdated fixtures but provided energy savings and a more modern look. Monterey also upgraded the lighting in HACSB recreation centers, offices and common areas.

As a result of the project, HACSB and its tenants are saving an estimated $264,680 in annual energy costs. Leveraging its in-depth knowledge of rebates and tax incentives, Monterey professionals helped HACSB obtain more than $148,000 in rebate dollarsfrom local utility Southern California Edison—with no out-of-pocket costs for HACSB.