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Increasingly, contractors are turning to products like lighting dimmers and wireless lighting controls for installation in new homes and to retrofit existing properties. Lutron's C*L dimmers, and wireless controls that can hook up to smart devices, are providing builders, contractors, interior decorators and homeowners with simple options to monitor and control energy output that saves them time and money while adding to the ambience of most spaces.

Lutron dimmers offer major benefits
The new C*L dimmers solve many of the problems contractors encounter when trying to provide their clients with the best interior lighting options. Previously, there have been issues with LEDs and compact fluorescent lights hooked up to dimmers dropping out or turning on and off unexpectedly. With this new product, Lutron has addressed those concerns and alleviated many of the problems.

More efficient dimmer products like these mean that contractors will have more options for installing LED products in homes, and homeowners and interior decorators will have the ability to integrate a number of different lighting possibilities into their home and commercial design. The C*L dimmers, specifically designed to work with most highly efficient lamps, offer reliable control for a wide range of dimmable light sources, even the most cutting edge LED lamps, which should continue to enable the further adoption of LED for most any structure or room. 

Making homes more efficient and utility bills cheaper
The typical U.S. family spends about $2,000 a year on utility bills, according to the Department of Energy. Finding ways to reduce those costs is an important factor for contractors to consider. Along with installing LED lighting wherever possible, there is an increasing number of products on the market that offer consumers the ability to make their homes "smarter," and thus reduce energy usage and costs.

Installing lighting control panels and automated lighting are effective methods for lowering costs, and by hooking them up to smart devices or by using certain apps, they can be made so simple that a child can handle the task of making a home cheaper and more energy efficient.

William Butler, owner of AV Design & Integration in Elmsford, Westchester County, installed these types of systems in his own home and advises his customers to use them as well.

"You can control things remotely from anywhere in the house or anywhere in the world," Butler said. "There's never a worry if you forget. You can push the "all off" button from bed and turn off all the lights. You can click the app on your (phone) when driving away from home and you (think) you left the lights on inside the garage. The beauty of this system is that you can start with just one light switch and then add on whenever you want."

Wave of the future
With advanced Lutron dimmers, wireless lighting controls and automated lighting, contractors are finding ways to offer their customers the latest technologies to save them money and be more environmentally friendly. These technologies are also enabling low voltage LED lighting, products that are currently the best option for achieving those same ends, to become more consumer friendly.