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LED lighting systems have many outdoor applications, which include bringing energy savings to traffic lights and creating more convenience for motorists.

LEDs can save up to $600 per intersection in a single year. Exponential savings would occur if all of the traffic lights for a city are switched over to LED lighting technology. In a large city such as Chicago that has 3,000 signalized intersections, there is the potential for $1.8 million dollars in savings each year. Cities such as Boston, Denver, New York, Philadelphia, San Diego, and Seattle have already implemented this efficient commercial lighting solution.

A lot of research is focused on improving LED technology, and prices have dropped as a result. Single bulbs can be as cheap as $10, which is a large change from their prices when they first hit the market. Cities won't have to spend a ton of money to retrofit their outdoor commercial lighting system, and they'll get more of that money back with the energy savings.

Motorists will also appreciate LED traffic lights. LEDs are brighter than traditional incandescent bulbs. The enhanced brightness leads to increased visibility during conditions like snow storms, heavy fog and thunderstorms. They also have longer lifetimes. Drivers won't have to worry about a replacement crew slowing down their commutes to and from work.