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At the upcoming LED Show, a three day LED industry conference in Las Vegas, Nev., outside commercial lighting and indoor LED lighting products, trends and innovations will be discussed by top vendors such as Philips and Cree.

LEDs Magazine got a sneak peak of what this year's The LED Show has in store for attendees. Scheduled for August 13-15, the conference will host a number of educational sessions run by leaders of the solid state lighting (SSL) industry. These sessions will cover everything, from lighting systems and design to the most basic elements of LED components and the regulatory standards that govern them. Talks are expected to be lively this year, given the wide range of speakers to present and the variety of opinions regarding the future direction of the SSL industry. 

Chad Stalker, regional marketing manager for the Americas at Philip's Lumileds, is just one of the industry representatives slated to present this year in Las Vegas. His presentation will focus on the balancing act many LED manufacturers must participate in. On the one hand, consumers expect LED innovations to plow along at the rate it is now. However, Stalker noted that, in order to minimize component cost – a huge factor influencing demand – a manufacturer must use as many of the LED die from a production as possible.  

The Philips Lumileds presentation comes amidst their entry into the mid-power LED market. Pierre Yves Lesaicherre, CEO of Philips Lumileds, said that, while high-power LEDs have a strong future, mid-power LEDs have a strong demand among customers in cost-sensitive markets.

"There is always a new technology trend that's considered the magic bullet to enable mass LED adoption," said Paul Scheidt, product marketing manager at Cree.

Given the recent explosion of the LED component segment, many companies are not sure which ones will survive the long haul. To address this, Scheidt will discuss the trends in components that Cree believes will be the industry leaders in years to come. He cited the high-power LED bulbs that run on high current but at low voltage as the only proven, consistent success story in SSL.

The LED Show
With more than 100 companies on the exhibition floor showcasing their unique products and innovations, 81 percent of attendees during the 2012 LED show said the conference was important to their business, while 91 percent said the event exceeded their expectations.

"Conference topics are designed to intrigue, entertain, and educate the audience," according to a statement from The LED Show's website. "Speakers will reveal new technological advances for LEDs in manufacturing, design, testing, color definitions, controls, and final assembly."