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Adding to its array of LED lighting solutions, GE Lighting has launched its latest product using unique reflective optic design. The Evolve LED Decasphere area light delivers not only horizontal and vertical light uniformity, but its reflective optic design means light can be aimed where it is wanted.

Primarily designed for walkways and roadways, the LED Decasphere is essentially an area light, used in places like university campuses as well as small towns and big cities alike. It boasts a 50,000-hour life span, providing customers with low-maintenance, reliable light for 11 years when being utilized for 12 hours per day. Plus, its round shape and flat housing design is intended to provide an aesthetic replacement for traditional metal halide lighting fixtures, as well as reduce energy consumption.

"The new Decasphere area light is the latest LED lighting fixture in GE's award-winning portfolio, providing efficiency, white light, and minimal glare," said Michael Armstrong, product general manager of global outdoor lighting. "It offers another aesthetic option in the Evolve family of commercial outdoor LED lighting fixtures. Its round, flat housing design incorporates the high-efficiency reflective optics. Additionally, with its modern design, it is an ideal solution for outdoor and area lighting for such locations as campuses and municipalities."

The fixture's housing is die-cast aluminum, making it lightweight. It's polyester powder paint makes it corrosion resistant and suitable for wet environments. Each fixture uses a structured LED array for optimal photometric distribution, in addition to nested concentric directional reflectors that minimize glare. The array is constructed of high brightness LEDs with a 65 color rendering index at 4​,100K typical color temperature. During the first 50,000 hours, each fixture provides a lumen rating of L85. However, beyond 50,000 hours of operation, lumen depreciation may occur.