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A KIA dealership in Columbus, Ga. is under the glow of GE Evolve LED lights.

Following installation, the dealership saw a 20 to 33 percent increase in energy savings. Most of the electrical costs of a dealership come from the commercial lighting system. Even when business is done for the day, owners want their products to gleam in the eyes of potential buyers. Switching to more energy efficient LED lighting cuts down on the electrical bills without sacrificing light quality.

There are 69 new GE Evolve LED area lights installed at the dealership. Unlike the previously used high-intensity discharge lamps, GE's products provide more even lighting across a bigger space. The owner of KIA Autosport, Monroe Lee, stated, "The light is spread uniformly around the facility without the high and low spots you often see in parking lots."

The U.S. Department of Energy recommends the use of LEDs for commercial lighting in parking lots because of their superior quality. The lamps have a low lumen depreciation rate, which means they stay brighter for a longer extent of their 50,000 hour service times. DOE also confirms that the lighting is uniform due to its flexibility and directionality. Based upon these advantages, Lee's lighting system will reduce his expenses and help with new sales.