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Cree's BR30 true white LED lamp is the energy efficient lighting solution California hoped to find. The lamp promises to alleviate the strain on the energy grid and give consumers a low voltage LED lighting solution.

The recently released Cree TW aligns with the state's tight standards for its subsidized lighting program, and will provide an inexpensive green lighting solution. The CA LED Quality Lighting Standard requires a CRI of at least 90, and the Cree TW exceeds the minimum at 93 CRI. In addition to superb color rendering, the bulb also has a low power consumption of 13.5 watts, brightness level of 800 lumens, dimmer compatibility, a 25,000 hour lifetime, color temperature of 2700K, 10-year warranty and it only costs $20.

Cree has had a lot of success with LED lighting system contracts in California, as they recently outfitted Raley's Family of Fine Stores in South Lake Tahoe with a new system. Installing the new LEDs helped the store stay bright despite rolling brownouts that plague the entire state. Products likes Cree's environmentally friendly lighting  reduce the necessary number of power plants needed to fulfill the state's high energy demands.