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Energy-efficient lighting manufacturer Cree recently released two new LEDs and expanded its CXA line. According to the company, the new LEDs offer high-performance, design versatility and a low cost. The CXA expansions include 95 color rending index (CRI) options that deliver twice the efficacy of equivalent CRI LEDs. The CXA CRI options also deliver a halogen-like color to provide users with high-quality light.

The CXA LED Arrays include the XLamp CXA1304 and the CXA1816. Cree said the XLamp CXA1304 is a compact bulb that delivers 1,034 lumens and can be inserted in small spaces. The XLAMP CXA1816 delivers 2,000 lumens and is an LED replacement for a 70-watt ceramic metal halide light. 

"Customers are looking for LED-based halogen replacements that do not have the current trade-off between light quality and output with energy efficiency," said Paul Thieken, Cree director of marketing. "With Cree's high CRI CXA LED Arrays, lighting manufacturers finally have a LED solution that can deliver high quality of light combined with high performance."

Cree masters lighting perfection
Cree has significantly improved its LED technology with new and advanced sustainable lighting. The company has also managed to double its market cap to $7 billion in one year, according to Forbes. Cree CEO Chuck Swoboda said the company's first LED was a bright blue LED chip composed of wafers of silicon carbide. 

Cree bulbs use 10 percent of the electricity an incandescent bulb uses and only costs $7 a year to light. The bulbs will also last for more than 20 years, Forbes reported. The key to creating an incandescent-like LED came in redesigning the filament tower in the bulb with up to 20 LEDs of different colors. Cree's omnidirectional glow was produced from the company's configuration allowed the light sources to overlap.