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Raley's Family of Fine Stores of South Lake Tahoe, Calif. installed a LED lighting system from Cree to provide their business with efficient commercial lighting. The installation helped the business combat heavy strain on the electrical supply in the area.

The high energy demands of South Lake Tahoe often leads to strains on the power grid and causes brownouts. In this case, the low output would mean lower lighting in the store. However, Cree's automated lighting controls already dim the store's luminaries so that they are unaffected by any power constraints.

The store's new, more sustainable lighting system only uses 60 Cree luminaries, including products from their 304 and 227 series. This is a decrease in quantity from their old products coupled with a decrease in energy consumption. As a result, more money is saved on energy costs and the costs of purchasing fixtures. Additionally, automatic dimming reduces the cost of purchasing replacement products by increasing the lifespan of the current products.

In addition to providing a cost-effective, energy saving solution, Cree's products also help Raley's adhere to the daylight harvesting requirements of California. Given that the systems are automatic, they do not require constant manual adjustment during changes in natural lighting between daylight and evening hours. The system allows more time to be allocated to other operational tasks and seamless compliance to the state's energy laws.