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Cree Inc., a manufacturer of commercial LED lighting products and lighting fixtures of Durham, N.C., announced the launch of a new LED module that combines and integrates a number of systems into a single, compact unit.

According to Semiconductor Today, Cree's LMR2 LED module delivers 750 lumens and is designed to last 35,000 hours. Not only is it dimmable – up to five percent – and compatible with most dimmers currently on the market, the LMR2 was designed from the outset to share similar attributes to the LMH2 LED module. In that way, product design and development was sped along, bringing a more effective product to the residential market more quickly.

"We worked closely with Cree to design a cost-effective system, while still maintaining the high product quality Nora is known for," said Fred Farzan, president of Nora Lighting. "With the new Cree LMR2 LED module, we are able to deliver higher lumen output and efficacy in a single-unit design that more easily integrates into existing single-piece incandescent downlight design. With the help of Cree's technology, Nora is able to meet market demands and keep our customers competitive with the highest quality products."

The LMR2 LED module utilizes the Cree EasyWhite technology which gives manufacturers the ability to deliver consistent lumen output across multiple color temperature, of which the LMR2 is available in 2700 K, 3000 K, 3500 K and 4000 K. 

However, the greatest advantage of the LMR2 LED modules are in their integrated design that easily accommodates the needs of both new construction and retrofitting projects. Cree has married the light source, driver, primary thermal management and optics components into a single device, boosting efficiency, installation time and performance. Cree hopes that the release of this new module will boost is residential market, specifically targeting the solid-state lighting downlights segment, as reported by LEDs Magazine.