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Already known for its superb LED lighting systems, Cree is proving its lighting industry staying power by releasing yet another LED bulb.

Just four months after releasing the A19 LED bulb – revolutionizing the industry with its under $10 price tag – Cree is drawing upon that same technology to bring the LED BR30 flood light to customers.

"We're in the midst of a consumer lighting revolution and Cree is truly enabling people to change the way they light their home forever," said Chuck Swoboda, Cree chairman and CEO. "Cree is committed to solving consumer problems by delivering products that are better than those being replaced, while maintaining the experience people expect. The new Cree BR30 is another milestone innovation to drive 100 percent adoption of LED lighting, saving consumers money and reducing overall energy consumption."

Certified for 25,000 hours of operation, the BR30 uses 85 percent less energy than the incandescent bulbs it replaces, lasts 25 times as long, yet still sells for only $19.97 for the soft white. The new bulbs deliver 650 lumens – the equivalent of a 65 watt bulb – but only consume 9.5 watts. They are also available in daylight color for $21.97. 

Cree's LED varies slightly from its A19 model to give the light a more directional focus, as customers expect from a flood light. Cree designers employed the same glass dome, the same shape and the same color for the LED BR30 as the incandescent bulb it replaces, allowing customers to upgrade to LEDs gradually, as the old lights fail because there is no discernable difference in the appearance or quality of light emitted. The same shape and glass dome allows the LED BR30 bulb to fit inside recessed, hard-to-reach lighting fixtures and applications.

"These are almost always in ceilings, which makes the convenience of LEDs even greater because you won't have to get ladders out to change the bulbs so frequently," Michael Watson, vice president of corporate marketing at Cree, told The Cleveland Plain Dealer.

While Philips and GE also have a number of BR30 LED bulbs as well, Watson iterated Cree's strong commitment to the consumer market. He said that consumers make up to 20 percent of the market and are important brand advocates. As consumers build on the brand, Watson said they increase the ability to sell in commercial LED lighting space, as reported by The Plain Dealer.