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Cree has crafted new TrueWhite fixtures for outside commercial lighting applications.

The new product was designed for automotive dealership front lines, exterior retail uses and any other high-lumen applications that require superb color rendering. Cree's Edge HO TrueWhite luminaire offers a 90-CRI and 5000K color temperature to bring out vibrancy of any hue. They aim to snuff out ceramic metal halide fixtures by excelling in service time and energy savings. One of Cree's new fixtures can replace up to four metal halide lamps and use 70 percent less energy to provide a high return on investment.

"Cree understands the sales benefits of dramatically enhancing curb appeal with more vivid colors, allowing us to keep selling cars long after dark," stated Scott Gruwell, general manager of Courtesy Chevrolet. "With the introduction of the Cree Edge HO TrueWhite luminaire, dealerships get remarkable color quality without having to compromise on energy and maintenance savings, helping to improve the bottom line."

Any retail commercial lighting is insufficient without high quality fixtures. Illumination tells customers where to look and what to buy. Front line vehicles at a dealership are the key to bringing people in to view the rest of the inventory. With the new Edge HO TrueWhite luminaires, any dealership's fleet will be a shining invitation to buy a new vehicle.

LED lighting systems are the future
It will not be long before LEDs knock all other lighting options off the market.

According to ReportsnReports, the LED lighting market will be worth $42 billion by 2019. Growth of 45 percent from 2013 is expected to completely eliminate sales of incandescent lights. Driving factors behind the significant gains in the industry are falling price points and increased demand as more lighting retailers encourage customers to get onboard with low voltage LED lighting.

More LED products are appearing on the shelves, as they are the best option for all lighting applications.