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We deliver the value in energy-efficient lighting

Monterey Lighting Solutions was founded in 2006 as a specialized distributor of energy efficient lighting solutions. Our initial focus was to help organizations lower the cost of their energy bills by adopting energy efficient lighting products. Our early customers were large and small commercial accounts, specialized retrofit contractors and utility companies. Due to our focus of always looking out for the customer’s best interest and staying at the forefront of change within our industry, Monterey Lighting Solutions quickly became a well respected competitor in our market. As our business grew, our clients sought our assistance in other aspects of lighting. In turn, we expanded our business into the design build / new construction side of the business. We also began servicing the replacement lamp needs of our customers.

Today, Monterey Lighting Solutions is a full service distributor of commercial lighting products, representing hundreds of manufacturers and serving a diverse set of customers. Our customers are a cross section of large property managers / owners, design build contractors, retrofit contractors, utility companies, architects, engineers and lighting designers. Monterey constantly focuses on looking out for our customers’ best interest. Our objective is to serve as an advocate and trusted advisor for each of our clients, ensuring we deliver the best value available in the market.

The Monterey Difference

We take pride in our unique supply chain model

  • Upfront engagement 
  • Transparent pricing 
  • Adding partnership and value to everyone in the supply chain 

We only employ people who are focused on best serving our clients

  • Proactive individuals
  • Team players
  • Problem solvers

We’ve built a customer-centric management information system

  • Accurate, up-to-date information on product lead times 
  • A quality control & alert system to notify issues before they become problems 
  • A proactive management tool for designers to keep projects on time and within budget 

Monterey’s energy-efficient lighting upgrades provide the fastest payback of any investment your company can make toward a sustainable future.

Contact us now to start saving energy and reducing your operating costs.

Peter Anselmo, O’Bryant Electric

“Monterey Lighting Solutions listened to my request for stock lighting controls for upcoming projects, enabling us to provide a quick response for our clients. They empowered us to make a difference for our key customer. Monterey Lighting Solutions continues to diligently help us with warranty issues and changes on projects. I am very pleased that they are responsive and collaborative with my team and I.”

Joe Swall, Project Development/Estimating Manager

“Monterey’s service and project management skills are impeccable. Because the lighting package was already specified and approved, we were able to get the job done quickly and efficiently. The project went smoother on our end because of their involvement early on.”

Tiffany English, Principal – Ware Malcomb

“We have worked with Monterey Lighting Solutions on several projects including the L’Oreal Pulp Riot Project. The team at Monterey Lighting Solutions has been extremely flexible and willing to make recommendations to assist us. They are quick to respond and have been great to work with. We look forward to working with Monterey Lighting Solutions in the future!”

Adrian Pawluk, Americas Lead Corporate Real Estate & Workplace Solutions

“The solution that Monterey brought made it possible to achieve our goals more quickly and more economically. They hustled to deliver what we wanted on time and within budget.”

Mike Balch, Turner Construction

“Monterey Lighting Solutions assisted us with excellent product alternatives. This was expected to be a difficult project, but the Monterey Lighting Solutions team’s passion shined through from start to finish. We were updated regularly and well advised on deliveries. By working together, we achieved significant cost savings on this project.”

Jordan Rubino, PM – PBG

“Monterey Lighting Solutions took the lead on a difficult long lead time fixture package. Their follow up was great and they kept us informed. Monterey Lighting Solutions provide a single point of contact and leveraged their strengths to get the best costs for the DJO Project. They excelled at responding to many high demands and took the risks out of this project.”

Sheyla Macedo, Purchasing Manager, LU Electric Contractor

“Monterey Lighting Solutions have always been there to help; we have completed many projects together over the years. They are quick to respond in many challenging situations. We have direct access and are given many product options to make our projects successful. Monterey Lighting Solutions is very friendly and accommodating with great deliveries.”

Chelsea Kobza, Architect

“Because the Monterey team was involved early on in the project, they were able to seek out a solution to serve the design intent. They saved me a lot of time and headache on a project where I already had a lot on my plate.”

David Thompson, PEM Electric

“Monterey Lighting Solutions has done a great job with our lighting projects. Quotes are accurate, timely and have good alternatives. The team is always available and timely with responses. They also helped us resolve warranty issues and navigate through recent price volatility. We have worked with Monterey Lighting Solutions for several years and they have been the most consistent and good across the board.”

Sheri Perkins, PM – Berg Electric

“Monterey Lighting Solutions was very responsive and recommended several optional products. The cost impact was favorable and minimized the number of changes required. We had no issues and Monterey Lighting Solutions made the Abbott Project cut and dry.”

Ron Sutliff, Project Development Services

“Monterey made an effort to engage the client to get a sense of their needs. They brought transparency and cost savings to the project and introduced sensible solutions that saved a lot of time and effort. A great team player!”

Construction Manager, Cushman & Wakefield

“Monterey Lighting Solutions suggested several lighting alternatives that enabled us to achieve significant cost savings. The quote process was streamlined and efficient. Monterey Lighting Solutions acted as our watch dog and gave us great advice. They were always timely and available. The L’Oreal Pulp Riot Project was a great success with the assistance of Monterey Lighting Solutions.”

Steve Roberts, Good & Roberts

“Monterey Lighting Solutions did an excellent job in supporting all our lighting needs for the Abbott Labs project. They were proactive from the start, contributing alternative products, cost-effective (we had significant cost savings), and most importantly flexible with last-minute changes. The Monterey Lighting Solutions team attended project meetings and was always available to help. While working together, deliveries were accurate and on time, changes did not become problems, and communications were timely. Monterey Lighting Solutions really helped make lighting on this project worry-free.”

Clint Jesperen, Special Projects Division Manager

“Monterey brought clarity, open communication and assistance to the project. They really own up to the project. The even attended the job meetings. No other lighting vendor does that!”

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