Featured Project – MLS Helps DecisionLogic Save 60% in Lighting Costs on New Office Buildout

Project Summary

To support business growth following the launch of their advanced bank verification system, DecisionLogic moved into a new 15K square foot office space, which required a substantial buildout to reflect the company’s brand identity. Project lead Cushman and Wakefield brought Monterey Lighting in at the design phase to source and procure the lighting.

The architect’s vision included decorative acoustical ceilings, linear pendants, and other architectural lighting products. When Monterey broke down the price for each fixture, the initial bid for the entire space came out to be 20% above the company’s lighting budget. However, after leveraging their relationships to negotiate lower prices with several manufacturers and using their industry expertise to develop some alternative solutions, Monterey Lighting Solutions was able to save DecisionLogic 60% in lighting costs.

Monterey was able to bring costs down by sourcing and recommending alternative products that achieve the same aesthetics at a lower cost. Additionally, they sourced similar products across multiple manufacturers, which drove all of the manufacturers to compete to win the business. In doing this, Monterey secured pricing that was an additional 17% less than what was originally estimated.

When all was said and done, the 15,000 sq. ft. facility’s lighting costs came out to be 48% below their budget, saving 60% total in lighting costs while fulfilling the vision set forth by DecisionLogic and their architect.



Building Type

Corporate Office


San Diego, CA

Project Scope

  • Lighting Procurement for 15K Square Foot Office
  • Consulting with Architect and Client to Understand Design Intent
  • Recommend and Source Lower Cost Product Alternatives that Aligned with the Design Intent
  • Secured Firm, Fixed Line-Item Pricing in Design Phase


  • Project Completed On-Time
  • Final Project Costs – 60% Total Cost Savings & 48% Under Budget

Thank you all for working with us as partners in the fast-paced, demanding line of work we’re in. You guys provide a level of service that makes it easy for us to work with you. We look forward to taking this to the next level!

Christos KlapsisPresident, Streamline Builders, Inc.