Experience in the Retrofit Business

Investing in lighting with low energy performance can rack up high amounts of costs, negatively impacting the building’s return on investment. Therefore, upgrading to energy efficient lighting is the primary way to improve the building’s ongoing life and gain competitive advantage in the industry.

Monterey Lighting Solutions has extensive experience in specifying and implementing lighting retrofits for organizations of all sizes. Our retrofit customers include property owners and managers, retrofit contractors, utility companies and third party administrators.

Our team works to carefully analyze a property and identify solutions that improve light quality, optimize energy efficiency, and offer the optimal return on investment.

At Monterey Lighting Solutions, we understand that property stakeholders have varying objectives when considering a lighting retrofit. We create solutions that are designed to meet our client objectives, whether they be maximizing short-term ROI, minimizing long-term cost of ownership, improving Net Operating Income or showcasing the latest technologies. To accomplish this, Monterey works with hundreds of manufacturers to meet our clients’ unique needs.

Additionally, Monterey has created a Preferred Contractor Program to assist our clients on the installation process. Through our years of experience, Monterey has established a network of pre-qualified contractors with expertise in retrofitting all types of commercial properties. Our Preferred Contractor Program provides flexibility and simplicity to the retrofit process. Clients who are looking for a turnkey solution can be assured that their project will be completed on time and in the most cost-effective manner.

With Monterey, you can be sure you are getting the very best retrofit solutions and have a partner you can trust.