Energy Solutions
Lighting accounts for more than 40 percent of a building’s energy costs, but thankfully, companies can now offset up to 65 percent of that cost by simply installing energy-efficient lighting and control.Monterey Lighting Solutions delivers advanced energy-efficient solutions to help our clients significantly conserve energy, lower operating costs, reduce their carbon footprints, improve productivity, and grow property values. Our broad selection of innovative lighting efficiency products, knowledge of the utility rebate programs for offsetting costs, in-house administration services for processing rebates, and extensive network of qualified electricians for installations (along with our unique approach to the design build process) assures our clientele that they are getting the very best solutions and a significant ROI.
Monterey Energy Smart Solutions Include:
Facility Audits
Energy Efficient Product Specifications
Return on Investment/ Financial Analysis
Rebate Administration
Contractor Referral Network
Additionally, our in-depth knowledge of advanced lighting controls leads to even more cost savings and value for our clients.
Energy-efficient lighting represents one of the lowest-risk, highest-return investments your company can make in green technology. For every dollar you spend on upgrading your lighting system, you’ll save 50 cents to 1 dollar per year. That’s nearly a 100 percent return on investment that keeps on giving. Monterey’s hands-on approach and extensive knowledge helps take the mystery out of energy-efficient lighting solutions and puts money back into your pockets.