UV Lighting For Your Business

Current evidence shows that the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, can live on various surfaces anywhere from several hours to several days. In light of the recent global outbreak, more and more businesses are considering the use of UV lighting to kill bacteria on surfaces of their facilities and equipment.

How UV Lighting Can Help Your Business

Physical, no chemical process
User-friendly operation
More cost-effective and less maintenance long term
Shorter contact time required
Equipment takes up less space
No negative residual effects

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How UV Lighting Helps Sanitize

 UV-C, or germicidal light, emits rapid, chemical-free rays from 200-280 nanometers and according to an IES report, have shown to be highly effective in destroying germs and bacteria upon contact. With minimal human contact and proper protection, this makes for an effective way to clean your space.

UV lighting is non-toxic and is safe for use on food, water, and inanimate surfaces. People are advised to avoid excessive exposure to direct rays, but small doses of contact are significantly less harmful than the substances used in chemical disinfectants.

Is it safe to use?

UV light is known to cause damage to the skin, so it is recommended that people limit their exposure to the germicidal lamps as it can have harmful effects to the eyes and skin. To prevent any hazards, it is critical the fixtures are installed correctly and staff are educated and properly trained on its usage.

Puro Lighting recognized this safety hazard and took extra safety measures by using military-grade PIR vacancy sensors for their UV products that will stop operating when someone walks into the room.

Types of UV Lighting Products

There are several types of  UV lighting that can be used for air and surface sanitization in large facilities and office spaces.

Ceiling & Downlight Sanitization

Ideal for spaces with a large surface area that requires cleaning multiple surfaces or an entire room. They work on-demand and only need one cycle. Products like the Kenall Indigo-Clean Technology and the Cleanse® Retrofit Troffer eliminate the possibility of manual, human error by directly covering entire surfaces.

Portable & Mobile Sanitization Devices

These products are designed to be easily transported from room to room, making it an ideal choice for businesses like hotels and childcare. Manufacturers, such as Puro Lighting, create portable units that are perfect for spot treatments on areas with unpredictable traffic patterns.

Sanitizing Entry Gate

The Cleanse® Portal by Healthe® by Lighting Science is a revolutionary and safe method to reduce the spread of infection.  By simply stepping into the portal, making a slow 360-degree turn for a 20-second dosage, surface pathogens are rendered inactive. Position this free-standing portal in any high traffic or critical entry point to significantly reduce infection transmission. 

Monterey Lighting Solutions works with manufacturers like Healthe® by Lighting Science, Puro Lighting, Kenall, and Pinnacle Lighting to bring you technology that will meet your standards for safety and effectiveness in your everyday spaces.

Who Should Use UV Lighting?

While the main industries that have been utilizing UV lighting to clean are hospitals and transportation, there are many other businesses affected, especially now, that can benefit from its use.

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Reduce the number of healthcare-associated infections (HAI) on-demand.


Education & Child Care

Keep shared materials and spaces clean for children, staff, students, and teachers.

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Commercial Offices

Boost and continue productivity by cleansing cubicles and conference rooms.


Gyms & Fitness Centers

Help combat bacteria and other viruses that thrive in weight rooms, showers, and training areas.



Give guests in hotels and cruise ships peace of mind by ensuring clean quarters.

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Nursing Homes

Keep common areas safe for higher risk elderly residents.

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Restaurants & Food Services

UV-C rays are non-toxic and do not leave any harmful residuals on food and water.

Is UV Lighting Right for Your Business?