Advanced Lighting Controls/Title 24 Experience
Never before has the lighting industry undergone such rapid change. As the industry transforms itself from an analog to digital business, rapid advances are occurring not only with the luminaries themselves but with the systems that control them. In addition, market forces — such as California’s Title 24 energy code and utility company Demand Response initiatives — are forcing customers to rethink the role of lighting and lighting controls within their building infrastructure.
Monterey Lighting Solutions is at the forefront of change with advanced lighting controls. As a value added distributor for several of the leading lighting controls manufacturers, we work closely with our clients to develop a cost-effective controls strategy that will meet both their short and long term objectives.

Today’s advanced lighting control systems are being designed to serve as the backbone of the Internet of Things (IOT) — to be tightly integrated with HVAC and Building Management System, while optimizing not only energy consumption but also the maintenance and operations of buildings.

These advanced control strategies offer organizations greater flexibility and a higher degree of control. This comes with a multitude of cost-benefits and greater energy savings.

We help our clients better understand how to best utilize advanced lighting control systems and cut costs along the way. Additionally, we have extensive Title 24 knowledge and experience, which helps our clients meet and exceed government regulations.