Osram Sylvania new products LDI 2013

Osram Sylvania introduces new products at LDI 2013

At the 2013 LDI event, Osram Sylvania showed off new commercial LED lighting products geared toward entertainment applications.

The lighting manufacturer demonstrated a wide array of new products at the event. Their portfolio for LDI 2013 included the Kreios SL 3200K/60-watt fixture, which is a set light fixture optimized for studio and theater applications as well as general wash lighting in retail, museum and theme park applications. It has lumen equivalency with 250-watt halogen lamps – achieving 3,000 lumens – while using 75 percent less energy than halogen counterparts.

“Osram understands the needs of lighting designers in the entertainment industry and we focus that expertise into developing cutting-edge solutions that combine energy and cost savings with high quality illumination,” said Mark DeLorenzo, entertainment business manager for Osram Sylvania.

The Kreios SL 3200K/60-watt commercial lighting fixture is also dimmable down to 5 percent via phase control systems, and it has a rated service time of 30,000 hours. These advantages give Osram’s product a lifetime that far exceeds halogen equivalents.

The fixture offers a 95-color rendering index to ensure vibrant hues as well as a 40 to 120 degree beam to adjust to different demands.