Lighting and Lighting Controls Specification Experts
As a specialized lighting distributor, the team at Monterey owns a wealth of knowledge in commercial lighting specifications. Our team members average more than 15 years of industry experience, yet we understand that the lighting industry is rapidly changing and years of experience can only take you so far. We are constantly learning and evolving as new technologies are brought to market.Our objective is to serve as an advocate and trusted advisor to our clients. Helping them navigate the numerous options available from hundreds of lighting manufacturers. That is why we invest heavily in continuous training from our manufacturer partners and other industry experts. As discrete lighting products are evolving to digital lighting systems and energy codes are becoming increasingly demanding (as in the case of California Title 24) it is increasingly important to have a trusted partner on which you can rely.
Our design build process includes the following:
Specification Assistance
Point to Point Layout and Design
Competitive Pricing of Multiple Manufacturers
Title 24 Compliance Review
Submittals preparation and Review
Project Management
The traditional approach of procuring a commercial lighting package is often a complex, time consuming, and unnecessarily expensive process.
It usually involves architects, engineers, and/or lighting specifiers, and manufacturers working to select fixtures and determine budget pricing. This scenario makes it almost impossible for property owners to get the best deal possible, as lighting agencies are usually limited to the few manufacturers they represent. Furthermore, the budget pricing provided at the design phase is often significantly different than the lighting package pricing that was provided by contractors at bid time. This usually results in numerous parties trying to value engineer the lighting package, just as the project is getting underway. Value engineering the lighting at this stage compromises the design integrity of the project, creates extra work for the design/engineering team, and often causes project delays. On the other hand, Monterey Lighting Solutions offers an innovative approach to the design build market, simplifies the process, provides, transparency to all parties, and typically reduces lighting package costs by 25 to 40 percent. Our model sees Monterey work as a trusted advisor and advocate for property owners, architects, electrical engineers, and lighting designers. We move the process of value engineering the lighting package from the backend of the project to the front end. We work alongside the design team as the primary interface to all lighting agencies and manufacturers. Because we aren’t limited to the line card of any one agency, we drive competition amongst the lighting manufacturers during the design phase. This ensures that the best value products are incorporated into the project. Additionally, as a distributor, we provide fixed line item pricing to the owner, so there are no surprises at bid time. At bid time, all contractors are provided the same pricing and automatically enter an equal playing field to win the business. This results in lower costs, better value, design integrity, and few errors and delays. We are your advocate from the beginning to the end, assuring that your solution maintains design integrity, has complete pricing transparency, and achieves optimum efficiency levels to maximize your ROI.