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Monterey Lighting Success Story: HACSB

The Housing Authority of the County of San Bernardino (HACSB) provides affordable, decent, safe and sanitary public housing to low- and moderate-income families, including elderly and disabled persons. HACSB implemented an energy performance contract under the HUD public housing program where HUD subsidizes HACSB’s operating costs, including utility bills for low-income tenants, at existing levels […]

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CA DR programs net big benefits

In an effort to avoid outages and rolling blackouts now and in the future, California is upping the ante to get more business customers to participate in automated demand response (Auto-DR) programs. Utility companies offer a wide variety of DR programs to help customers temporarily reduce their energy usage during peak times while lowering electricity […]

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Environmentally friendly leases

Tenants and landlords usually share a common goal to reduce energy costs but some existing lease structures actually discourage investments in energy efficiency for both sides. Before you sign (or re-sign) on the dotted line, educate yourself on the most advantageous types of leases that allow for energy-efficient upgrades in existing buildings and that benefit […]

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