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Reducing Costs: How Monterey Empowers Developers

The Problem Developers Face For many lighting projects, the process used to acquire lighting is flawed. Almost all the time, compromises to the integrity of the architect’s design, the budget, or the project timeline, are unavoidable. Developers must face the fact that the traditional lighting acquisition model is outdated and ineffective. The core problem is […]

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5 Benefits of Setting Building Standards for Lighting

Cost overruns and project delays are two of the most common challenges projects face, especially when it comes to the lighting phase. Unfortunately, many project stakeholders underestimate the importance of setting a building-wide standard, dismissing it entirely without understanding the significant benefits of it. When owners don’t set a building-wide standard, they run the risk […]

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Monterey Michaels Building Standards

The Smarter Way to Source Lighting in 2020

When it comes to commercial real estate projects, quality lighting can make all the difference in elevating your client’s experience. In addition to enhancing the aesthetic appeal, a well-designed lighting system can improve your building’s net operating income by increasing lease rates while simultaneously lowering energy costs. The right lighting can provide your building with […]

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Connected Lighting - LED Technology

Connected Lighting: The Second Wave of LED Lighting Technology

For the past several years, building owners and managers who have converted to using LED lights have experienced the first wave of benefits provided by LED Lighting – energy savings. A well designed LED retrofit or tenant improvement project can cut energy consumption by 50% or more, reducing operating costs and improving net operating income. […]

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Lighting Control Systems - Building-wide Standard

Lighting Control Systems: The Importance of Setting a Building-wide Standard

For many building owners and managers, the decision on the lighting control systems used in tenant improvement projects has been left to the tenants. However, in the past few years, Title 24 regulations requiring continuous dimming, daylighting, plug load control and demand response have increased the cost and complexity of lighting control systems in commercial […]

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Saving Money With Commercial Lighting

Firms are always looking to save money and improve productivity. One way to do this is through commercial lighting options. Most commercial spaces are over lit, costing companies more money than ever. Finding ways to save money on commercial lighting is imperative for a firm’s success. Consider implementing the below steps for a successful outcome. […]

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Top 10 Reasons to Use LED Lights

We love the way they emit light, so crisp and bright but what does LED stand for? LED stands for “Light Emitting Diodes”. And, they have revolutionised the lighting industry by using only 20% of the energy that would be required for a filament or halogen light with the same amount of light. More and […]

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