Client: Teradata

At A Glance
  • Monterey Lighting Solutions brought transparency and efficiency to the project
  • Reduced the lighting cost by 40%
  • Saved architect and contractors a significant amount of time and effort
  • Project delivered on time

With 120 locations worldwide, Teradata’s San Diego location was to be the new face of Teradata and establish a new office look for the company.


Cushman & Wakefield had to complete an extensive tenant improvement project for Teradata, covering two buildings and over 60,000 square feet in 14 weeks or less. Recognizing that the standard process of acquiring lighting products often results in budget problems, multiple rounds of conflicting lot price proposals during the construction phase, and project delays, San Diego CW Project Management Team needed to find a better solution.


To address the challenges they knew they would face with lighting, Cushman & Wakefield immediately added Monterey Lighting Solutions to the design team, alongside Gensler Design and Turner Construction. Construction and supply work would work together in a coordinated and efficient manner from day one in order to reduce costs, avoid delays and mitigate potential problems.

The Monterey Way Graphic
  • Interfacing with Gensler, Turner, Cushman & Wakefield and Teradata to understand design intent.
  • Provided multiple product and pricing options for each design component.
  • Disqualified products with lead times that could not conform to the project timeline.
  • Enabled Teradata to make informed decisions on the allocation of available budget.
  • Completed the lighting submittal package during design, allowing the electrician to order material immediately after contract award.
  • Attended pre-construction and construction meetings.
  • Provided a single point of contact for any final product and plan changes.
  • Resolved issues quickly and effectively through direct engagement with participants in the supply chain.
  • Effectively scheduled, communicated, and managed product delivery.
  • Made recommendations and arranged substitutions where necessary.


Clint Jesperen, Special Projects Division Manager, Turner Construction

Monterey brought clarity, open communication and assistance to the project. They really own up to the project. The even attended the job meetings. No other lighting vendor does that!

Adrian Pawluk, Americas Lead Corporate Real Estate & Workplace Solutions, Teradata

The solution that Monterey brought made it possible to achieve our goals more quickly and more economically. They hustled to deliver what we wanted on time and within budget.

Joe Swall, Project Development/Estimating Manager, Laser Electric

Monterey’s service and project management skills are impeccable. Because the lighting package was already specified and approved, we were able to get the job done quickly and efficiently. The project went smoother on our end because of their involvement early on.

Ron Sutliff, Project Development Services, Cushman & Wakefield

Monterey made an effort to engage the client to get a sense of their needs. They brought transparency and cost savings to the project and introduced sensible solutions that saved a lot of time and effort. A great team player!

Chelsea Kobza, Architect, Gensler

Because the Monterey team was involved early on in the project, they were able to seek out a solution to serve the design intent. They saved me a lot of time and headache on a project where I already had a lot on my plate.