Building Standards

Cost overruns and project delays are the two most common challenges any project faces, especially when it comes to the lighting. Without established standards and pre-negotiated prices, product prices for lighting will vary from project to project. An unstandardized set of products can derail a project’s timeline and budget.



Without standards, clients pay a different price for the same product every time they buy it, whether it be project by project or in different regions of the Country. Furthermore, with the lack of standards – they will not even benefit from the total volume of products they buy throughout the year. As a result, prices need to be negotiated on each project which can put the project timeline at risk. Total cost of ownership also increases because building engineers will be challenged with supporting different lighting systems within a single building or across a portfolio of buildings. If you manage a portfolio of properties, there are significant benefits to establishing standards for the lighting and lighting control products that you purchase.

Monterey Building Standards

Monterey Lighting Solutions helps our clients set product and pricing standards for lighting and lighting controls, whether it is for a single building, a portfolio of buildings, or a national roll out of new locations. By focusing on our clients, Monterey Lighting Solutions tailors and simplifies the process to meet all our clients’ needs. Through our national account pricing and building standards process, our clients can save up to 40% on lighting and avoid project delays as we always strive to deliver projects on time, and within budget.

The Monterey Way:

  • Engage directly with the design team to select the most cost effective products that align with the design objective.
  • Connect clients with leading manufacturers and leverage their overall annual spend on lighting to negotiate best value.
  • Vet product lead times to ensure they fall within the project timeline.
  • Establish standard pricing for each line item to ensure that clients pay the same low price anytime, anywhere.
  • Standardize products through a custom catalog that clients send to their architects / design team.
  • Simplify the bidding process for electricians and bidders with standardized pricing and products.
  • Streamline the submittal approval process to avoid project delays.
  • Coordinate logistics and delivery with electricians to all locations.
  •  Provide a centralized warranty administration process.