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3 Reasons Lighting Controls Are Critical For Every Building Automation System

Building automation systems, also known as BAS, is the term given to an interlinked, centralized network of programs that control workplace environments. The cornerstone to this environment is energy conservation, with lighting controls being one critical element. Lighting controls are considered a low-hanging fruit in the BAS field since the expense can be much lower […]

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The 9 Benefits of LED Lamps

LED, standing for light-emitting diodes, technology operates by using tiny chips in heat-conducting materials. LED lamps provide a variety of benefits to both the consumer and the environment. Learning about 9 of these benefits listed below will build an appreciation for this green-living technology. 1. Instantaneous lighting When users turn on a fluorescent lighting source, […]

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Saving Money With Commercial Lighting

Firms are always looking to save money and improve productivity. One way to do this is through commercial lighting options. Most commercial spaces are over lit, costing companies more money than ever. Finding ways to save money on commercial lighting is imperative for a firm’s success. Consider implementing the below steps for a successful outcome. […]

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